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Football Juggling

A professional entertainer who has provided football performances around the world since 2001. Visited over 20 countries and performed to one and all.

Combining charisma and charm watch as footballs are spun, kicked, thrown, rolled and bounced to make a unique and skilled performance for all ages.

Rakastajat Theatre circus production "MetroPoris"

"Simon Llewellyn has amazing circus skills, great stage presence and his sense of comedy is absolutely brilliant.... he had his audience totally captivated"

Angelika Meusel ,Artistic Director

Rakastajat Theatre, Finland

photo by Neil Hainsworth

Hat and Cane

A beautifully choreographed to music hat and cane juggling number. 


Mixing circus skills and movement to the charism of an innocent playful soul.


Suitable for all events as a stand alone performance or

incorporated into larger numbers.

"Simon Llewellyn brings to the stage such spectacular hat tricks seasoned with a shower of confetti that the audience demanded to see more."

Amulehti newspaper, Finland

photo byMatias Ahonen

Mouthstick balancing

A balancing act between comedy and risk.

With just the use of his mouth witness as objects are precariously balanced, flipped,  turned and popped!

A unique act that will leave your audience entertained and amazed.


"Your show was just what we want to show our audience in Seikkailupuisto. 

Quality and inspired!"

Children’s Culture Centre, Turku, Finland

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